Tuesday, April 29, 2008


not that i have enough money to buy a new car at the moment...
but i'm kind of liking the old pontiac vibes [2004-2005-ish]?

yes? no? maybe so?



Ramage, what? said...

um im thinkin no....
a prius would be much better!

Johanna said...

DEFINITELY go with the prius. Or the Honda Golf.

ohsarah said...

priuses [sp?] are ok...but ugly.
they look like a bug that got its head stomped on.

vw makes golfs.

Johanna said...

I meant to say the Honda Fit. Butt hole.

Ramage, what? said...

the vibe looks like a station wagon wnet and got a trendy haircut and a manicure!?
it looks good for now but when it gets older its gonna go back to its old ugly ways!

Carly said...

mr. knapp has a honda fit... you guys can be car buddies!!