Tuesday, April 22, 2008

c'est fini.

i'm officially done with my sophomore year.

no more math classes.

did you hear me?


for the past two days i've been going through my old copies of nylon and jane [rip]. i cut out anything and everything that's slightly appealing so i can plaster [tape] it to my wall.
it's looking awe to the some.

and i can't get summer internships out of my head.
i sent off my resume and a cover letter to nylon a few weeks ago via email and snail mail...but no dice.
there are a few options for me down in miami...graphic design firm, advertising stuff for a travel firm, etc.
but i have my heart set on a magazine.
a fashion magazine.
an art magazine.
a music magazine.
where i can put my hands to good use considering that fashion, art, music [and a dash of politics] are what i live and breathe.

any ideas?

i'm currently looking into tmagazine information to try to find an email address to send my resume to...
but i'm lost otherwise.


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