Friday, April 18, 2008

everything must come to an end...

i'm DONE with classes for this semester.

thank you, jesus h. christ.

all that's left is a final on monday and two finals on tuesday.

my schedule was as follows:
MWF art after 1940 [my favorite class this semester]
TTh photo history, then disney&america [an history class that i thought was going to be awesome and talk about how disney was actually a prick, but nooooo], then college algebra [aka the class from hell. my professor was good, but GOOD LORD. you could probably hear my eyes rolling at some of the people in that class, and then steel to end the day with some good music.

so it was an interesting/stressful/fun semester, but i'm so glad it's basically over.



p.s. you're welcome for a thoroughly interesting post.

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