Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"holler at your boy?"

"holla at cha boy."
"holler at your boy?"
"holl-ah at-chur boy?"

NO. NO timmy.
don't get sucked into that mess that is blayne mcgreaseball mctryingtobethenextchristiansiriano.

this looks like rainbow bright drank a little too much of ye olde hunch punch an got a little sick on herself.

why are you still in the running?

rip [kinda], emily.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the instant

there's an article by kat clements at paper magazine on the the instant p-roid show from this past weekend!

nylon did a promo blog about the show, too!

i'm so sad i was oh, a thousand miles away and therefore didn't see it.

i'm tempted to buy a tote bag cute!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

who ya gonna call?

spending my first day back in tallahassee/sunday with these boys [and the boyfriend, of course]:

happy sunday!


Monday, July 21, 2008


mags gyllenhaal is on the cover of marie claire!

check out these pictures from the shoot:

[photo credit: first, Mark Abrahams; those to follow, Andrea Volbrecht]

and here's what my girl looked like for the new york premiere of the dark knight:

her dress is gorgeous...but i can't seem to figure out who designed it.
but mags and petey are adorable as always.


sentences printed on paper

has anyone read this book?
i just finished franny and zooey this past weekend, and i've heard this novel by tao lin is really good.


happy birthday, janet!

janet reno's dance party. yessir.

i just celebrated this lady's 70th birthday with her, my miami relatives, and the rest of the reno's.

oh, and some ah-may-zing mango buttercream cake?!

happy monday.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

hello gorgeous

check these puppies out:

steve by steve madden. who knew?

available for $99.90 at the massivemondomassive nordstrom sale.

i think i'm in love.

jeff campbell boots, you may be put on hold til futher notice.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

waa waa waaaaaa

shear genius wasn't too interesting tonight.

charlie is safe.
daniel is safe.
nicole is safe.
dee is safe.

those are the best of the stylists at this point in my opinion.

but LADY:

every week i can never remember what she said during an episode because it just comes out as, "waawaawaa. waawaawaa?" [think the teacher from charlie brown]

oy to the vay.

at least there's drama and tears coming up for next week!



here are the dresses by my favorites of season 5 of project runway thus far:
[see previous blog below]

1. by emily:

items of use: vinyl ball material, balloons, etc.

2. by leanne:

items of use: tablecloth, cookies, candies, etc.

3. by jennifer:

item of use: papertowels.

4. by jerell:

items of use: lawn chair fabric, vinyl ball material. i think?

5. by kenley:

items of use: vinyl ball material, etc.?

and some candids, courtesy of

make it work! make it work!

so kiss already!

i love her.

oh, heidi.


pee. ess.: oh. em. gee.
i just saw the guest judge for next week's episode and peed my pants because apparently bravo is giving away the judge info in advance now?
ahhhhh go look at it.
i'm too nice to be a spoiler.

"do i think it's pretty? NO."

hoooooooley moley.
project runway. season five.

here are some of my favorites after tonight's premiere:

1. emily:
her hair is so cute, as are her clothes, and i love the balloon/ball dress she made for the first challenge.

2. leanne:
do you see this girl? she's precious! i want to rade her wardrobe.

3.jennifer's creations are amazing. her papertowel ruffle dress from the first challenge would be in my closet in a heartbeat [impractical or not]. her pieces look like they've been pulled straight off the luella runway.

4. jerell:
can we be best friends forever aeaeaeaeaeae?

5. kenley:
um. cute everything. including her challenge dress. and she's a florida state grad!

ohhhh michael kors. michael, michael, michael.
put that little orange nutter [blane] in his place.
"do i think it's pretty? NO."
and i think heidi chimed in with this one: "playboy bunny gone grundge."
and of COURSE bonkers mcgee, lover of my life, austin scarlett notes, "when i saw the dress i wrote HIDEOUS on my card."

ahahahaha. sorry, blane. you and your "girlicious"-trying-to-start-another-catch-phrase-like-christian's-"fierce" days are numbered.

keep watch for a post on tonight's shear genius episode!


p.s. this diane von furstenberg amex commercial that shows every break between shows gives me goosebumps every time i watch it. sad? maybe. but i love me some dvf.

Monday, July 14, 2008

vive la france!

happy bastille day!

here are some tres frency things for you to look at?:

the eiffel tower photo and a croissant charm? too cute.

croissant. tres delicieux!

nylon wrote an article on everyone's favorite french fries to honor les francaise.

bastille day fireworks!

let them eat cake. you said it, m.a.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

miami, day one

this blog is evidence that i did not succumb to the death that is the (south) florida turnpike. [note to self: red bull makes it aaaaaaall better]

today i traveled with my aunt and uncle to west palm beach for the current exhibit at the norton, and holllllly moley. look what they have there. permanently:

yes. that is a custom chihuly piece contained in the ceiling. it's made up of almost 700 individual glass sculptures.

are you drooling yet?


on the way back from wpb we stopped at ikea.

maybe you've been in an ikea store. i had heard that they were big, but this was a beyond massive building. i've never seen so many things crammed together. but it was magical. too bad my shopping add kicked in causing me too get so excited and overwhelmed that i neglected to buy anything.

thankfully my spending habits will be suppressed once i head back to tallahassee due to the fact that the closest ikea is either in atlanta or orlando. woopdeedoo.


one word: sephora.

i have that "kid in a candy store" moment every time i walk into sephora.

tallahassee offers no beauty essential relief unless it comes in the form of the usual department store yaddayadda and lipsmackers/covergirl/nyc brand crap at walgreens.

sephora is by far my makeup mecca.

if my bank account would allow me, i'm sure i would shell out another $100 before i leave miami in two weeks.

thank goodness for being broke?


hope you're having a great weekend!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

life, liberty, and the pursuit of shoes

as of tomorrow morning i'm off to south beach for my internship at a graphic design firm, so my posts may be far and few.
have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

i'm off to claim my precious jeff campbell's:


Monday, July 7, 2008

make it better.

trapped in bed til further notice with a stomach virus, i decided to investigate in the goldfrapp goodness i keep hearing about, and um...i'm in love?

i saw the music vid of "happiness" around 3 this morning on vh1.
i'm hooked:

thanks, A. from 10.17.
now i know why you're always raving about her!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

bonkers mcgee.

who else but austin scarlett?

i love this man.
one of these rainy afternoons i'm going to curl up with the first two seasons of project runway and a cup of oolong tea. mmmm.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

let's hear it for the boys

comme des garcons, s/s 2009.
men in skirts?

i like the ginger...but that's probably because he looks the least like a corpse.
[solely because of his hair and the baby blue tidbit on his sleeve]
but hey, if clive owen, shia, or joseph gordon-levitt start marching around in tennis skirts, i'm sold.


what the eff

i know.


for some reason christian sirano comes to mind when i see these styles...maybe the master of "feroche" and nagi could do some nutterbutter collaboration of avant-garde-fierce-ness and cause a mass head-explosion?


i had to do one for christian.


[check out more hair creations here]