Thursday, April 17, 2008

the big easy

in t minus 7 dayz.
[it's too bad that everytime i say/type "7 days" i think of the ring. yeesh.]

yes. it means i can finally be with my not-so-secret lover, beignets.
[more like beignYAYS bahaha].
not to mention iced coffee from heaven.

it's my third year going to jazz fest with miles and his fam, and i'm sososo excited.
our schedule is jam-packed, and that's how i like it.

friday: drivedrivedrive, 9th ward, po'boys [cheese po'boy for me, o'course], cemetaries, and the quarter.
saturday: cafe du monde, jazzzzzzzzzz fest all day, muffalettas? [again, cheese for me].
sunday: brunch at the court of two sisters? [i'm crossing my fingers].

here's the planned outfit for lounging and listening at jazz fest [which includes the hopeful avoidance of a sunburn]:

the tank [which i got in a heather indigo color] is $4.99 from old navy and the skirt was $21-something from forever 21.
i'm going to wear the tank tucked into the skirt to be all cla$$y-like.
and i'll wear the strappy flats from the previous post because flip flops slip around too much on the fairgrounds.
so basically, be jealous that i'll be in new orleans next friday and you'll be doing something lame or whatev.

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