Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i vant to suck your bluuuud.

hellz yes.

vampire weekend will be playing in orlando june 7.

can you say it's THE JAM?
[it's the jam]


[photo taken from here]

you'll thank me later



arrrr, matey

ok, so i'm not usually a skull-wearing kind of girl, but thanks to lurking 10.17, now i'm pining for a skull necklace designed by alexa chung [who else?].

the great thing is, not only would you be looking super fresh by buying the necklace, but you'd also be helping small communities and independent artisans in africa via made.

come on
hearts for eyes?
how could you resist?

it's available here.
[with a matching bracelet and earrings to boot]


hellz yes

artist themes for igoogle?
i personalized my homepage with art by jeff koons [aka mcawesome], of course.
other themes like oscar de la renta, chihuly, d&g, and diane von furstenberg are available.
go check it out.


be my valentine

mags is still my number one girl,
but valentine fillol cordier is running close behind.

i'm kind of obsessed with this picture of v by the cobrasnake:

she's french. she's gorgeous. she's wearing bunny ears.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

oh la la

kirsten dunst for miu miu:


it's ok to be jealous.

i'm at the fam's house at the moment thanks to a 2 hour consultation regarding my wisdom teeth [getting them out next friday yeehaw], and my mom just handed me some homemade cookie dough to chew on.

the jealousy can commence...



not that i have enough money to buy a new car at the moment...
but i'm kind of liking the old pontiac vibes [2004-2005-ish]?

yes? no? maybe so?


d. all of the above

[ss 08]

i want:
a. gemma's dress.
b. jessica's dress.
c. lily's dress.



i'm trying out a new nail color called "taxi yellow creme" made by n.y.c. [the cheap-o brand].
i can't tell if i like it or if it makes my nails look diseased...

here's a close relative to the color, but made by opi:


she's a lady

i have a slight girlcrush on tatiana de leon.

she models for urban outfitters.
she's got that mexican spice.
she has gorgeous features...and amazing hair.

bffl, please?


Monday, April 28, 2008


spring 08.

dear prudence purse:

tatiana dress [it looks rory gilmore-esque]:

fermina dress:

want it.
need it.


well looky there.

luella skirt: 195 pounds.forever 21 skirts: $19.80 each.

i like the luella one more...but come on.
the price is right for the f21's.


hello, gorgeous.


back to reality

i got back to t-town [tallahassee] last night from the big easy.

the trip included the following:
cheese po'boy at dooky chase's [yes. DOOKY chase's. and yes, i laughed for way too long when i heard the name of the restaurant], iced cafe au laits and beignets from cafe du monde, shopping at urban outfitters, buying pralines for mum, dinner at juan's flying burrito, lavender-honey ice cream at creole creamery [SO good], getting rained on at jazz fest [we left before bolly joel came on but who cares], too much pasta, and a false brad pitt-sighting.

so all in all, yay.

did ya miss me?


Thursday, April 24, 2008


i'm so excited.
though i died a little on the inside today because i'll be missing the opportunity of a lifetime tomorrow afternoon while i'm hanging in the big easy.
i'm crossing my fingers that everything turns out well [in my favor] in the end...

oh wait

yes i can.

some guys just really need to bra those boys up.
no joke.

i think i'm going to start a campaign.

"just say no to man boobs '08"


"bra your boys up: because some men need a different kind of cup"

that one was bad.

but really.

please don't wear tight shirts when your boobs beat out the size of mine by a long shot.



pretty girl post

being the lurkalurk i am, i tend to find a lot of cutesies that i envy for their hair, clothing, freckles, etc.
so here's the pretty girl of the week representing portland:

i think i was a redhead in a former life.
i'm so jealous of lovelies with pretty red hair.

too bad i'd end up looking like my head is on fire no matter how good the dye job is.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

be still my beating heart.

or my bottomless pit of a stomach with a certain love for breakfast food [and therefore brunch and brinner as well].

check out jen's breakfast blog:

and her etsy site:

are you drooling yet?

the JAM.

nylon did an interview with jeff koons.

check it out at


meet the dream team.

thanks to an article on nylon's website way back in october, i found my skincare solution.
face boutique.
it's vegan.
it smells good.
it doesn't burn or sting or peel your skin off.

and the moisturizer and spot treatment come in tubes that look like paint tubes.

sounds like a deal to me.

order from


ch-ch-ch-check it out.

a lovely little lady named mia crafts these amazing frocks along with an assortment of tops, bathing suits, headbands, and of course, a pair of high-waisted shorts.
the price range is urban outfitters-esque, and therefore not that bad.
pretty lady. pretty dresses. pretty prices.

can you say to die for?

i can.

to die for.

[order info goes to]
[mia's myspace:]
^ is her last friend.

p.s. order the giraffe print dress, and i'll have to look up what a "shiv" is and use it on you.


say what?

just to add to an awesome [despite finals] week...

i found this:

that is [those are?] one [some?] of the cutest tattoos i have ever seen.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

c'est fini.

i'm officially done with my sophomore year.

no more math classes.

did you hear me?


for the past two days i've been going through my old copies of nylon and jane [rip]. i cut out anything and everything that's slightly appealing so i can plaster [tape] it to my wall.
it's looking awe to the some.

and i can't get summer internships out of my head.
i sent off my resume and a cover letter to nylon a few weeks ago via email and snail mail...but no dice.
there are a few options for me down in miami...graphic design firm, advertising stuff for a travel firm, etc.
but i have my heart set on a magazine.
a fashion magazine.
an art magazine.
a music magazine.
where i can put my hands to good use considering that fashion, art, music [and a dash of politics] are what i live and breathe.

any ideas?

i'm currently looking into tmagazine information to try to find an email address to send my resume to...
but i'm lost otherwise.


Monday, April 21, 2008

wish list of the week

1. vintage melamine mugs...even though i have no idea when i would use them.

2. aa acid wash deep v in brown. 3. a french press.
4. franny and zooey by salinger. it's my last salinger left to read!



6 unimportant obsessions/6 unspectacular quirks of mine:
1. i visit nylon's website, uo's blog, harper's bazaar's horoscopes, ebay,,, and the blogs of white lightning and liebemarlene vintage EVERY DAY.
2. i get the urge to key every hummer i see parked on the street.
3. i hate how 90% of the world population eats [smacking, etc.].
4. i buy stonyfield lowfat organic strawberry yogurt almost every time i go to the grocery store.
5. i make oodles of lists every week having to do with anything and everything...and they're written on anything i can get my hands on.
6. i listen to npr every morning on the way to class.

8 Things I Want to Do before I Die:
1. traveltraveltravel.
2. readreadread.
3. lovelovelove.
4. get an amazing job.
5. write short stories.
6. see a worthy president in office.
7. learn how to dance...better.
8. have my voice magically sound AMAZING and get a record deal.

8 Songs I Could Listen to over and over:
1. holland 1945 - neutral milk hotel.
2. after hours - we are scientists.
3. intervention - arcade fire.
4. stronger - kanye west.[SHUT UP]
5. mr. pitiful - matt costa.
6. st. peter's day festival - ra ra riot.
7. at the bottom of everything - bright eyes.
8. unforgetable - nat king cole.

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends:
1. we judge others, but
2. we don't judge eachother.
3. they can turn my day around. in the right way.
4. they laugh at my jokes even if they're AWFUL.
5. they don't care if all i talk about is nylon, urban outfitters, music groups they know nothing about, or america's next top model episodes.
6. we understand eachother without making any sense.
7. they don't mind being the ones to drive everywhere.
8. hotness all around.

everybody's gonna love today

my mind is running on mika today.
just "everybody's gonna love today, gonna love today, gonna love today" over and over and over.

took my art after 1940 exam this morning.
i think it went well.

this was one of the slides for the slide id portion:[piss christ, serrano, 1987]
fun stuff, huh?
in a bit miles and i are headed to moe's for some tasty burritos.
oh, and THE BIG EASY in t minus 4 days.
jealous yet?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

mais oui

nylon went, now it's my turn.

once my 6-week summer semester is over, miles and i are hoping to head up there for a week or so, which would overlap with montreal's international jazz fest, of course.

that's for miles.

shopping on st. denis is for me.


i can't wait.


Friday, April 18, 2008

i can haz


seriously. i never knew feathers could be so awesome.

but $18? that's a little pricey for the broke college girl i am.
any ideas of how to make a cheap-o replica?


p.s. i have a slight girl crush on that uo model. or maybe it's just her hair that i'm in love with. who knows?


i'm pretty sure it's a bad sign when i would consider mugging a grandma [ok, a few grandmas] in order to have possession of these dresses.

damn you, lorick.

spring 08:

fall 08:

[does anyone else think that the last dress looks a lot like marketa irglova's oscar dress?]

get ready, lorick.
when i hit it "big" as they say i'm going to buy everything you have.


puppy post

i can honestly say that i wanted an english bulldog before rob & big made it the trend...

but now i NEED one.

i want my own meaty!

don't tell me you didn't just say, "awwwwwwwwww."

yeah. you did.



except i would say it more like kelso...BURN!

ouch, katie holmes.

my girl, maggie, swiped your "rachel dawes" role in the dark knight.

it's ok though.
i wouldn't have expected much from you anyway.


everything must come to an end...

i'm DONE with classes for this semester.

thank you, jesus h. christ.

all that's left is a final on monday and two finals on tuesday.

my schedule was as follows:
MWF art after 1940 [my favorite class this semester]
TTh photo history, then disney&america [an history class that i thought was going to be awesome and talk about how disney was actually a prick, but nooooo], then college algebra [aka the class from hell. my professor was good, but GOOD LORD. you could probably hear my eyes rolling at some of the people in that class, and then steel to end the day with some good music.

so it was an interesting/stressful/fun semester, but i'm so glad it's basically over.



p.s. you're welcome for a thoroughly interesting post.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the big easy

in t minus 7 dayz.
[it's too bad that everytime i say/type "7 days" i think of the ring. yeesh.]

yes. it means i can finally be with my not-so-secret lover, beignets.
[more like beignYAYS bahaha].
not to mention iced coffee from heaven.

it's my third year going to jazz fest with miles and his fam, and i'm sososo excited.
our schedule is jam-packed, and that's how i like it.

friday: drivedrivedrive, 9th ward, po'boys [cheese po'boy for me, o'course], cemetaries, and the quarter.
saturday: cafe du monde, jazzzzzzzzzz fest all day, muffalettas? [again, cheese for me].
sunday: brunch at the court of two sisters? [i'm crossing my fingers].

here's the planned outfit for lounging and listening at jazz fest [which includes the hopeful avoidance of a sunburn]:

the tank [which i got in a heather indigo color] is $4.99 from old navy and the skirt was $21-something from forever 21.
i'm going to wear the tank tucked into the skirt to be all cla$$y-like.
and i'll wear the strappy flats from the previous post because flip flops slip around too much on the fairgrounds.
so basically, be jealous that i'll be in new orleans next friday and you'll be doing something lame or whatev.

i win.

their shoes:
[joie shoes, $255,]

my shoes:
[old navy, $19.50 or some crazyness like that]:

it's been a good week.



and YES:

i'm hoping that article leans more on the "not pants" side; i'm tired of seeing jiggly ass cheeks that look like they're being squeezed to death by black, sheer saran wrap. yeesh.