Monday, April 21, 2008


6 unimportant obsessions/6 unspectacular quirks of mine:
1. i visit nylon's website, uo's blog, harper's bazaar's horoscopes, ebay,,, and the blogs of white lightning and liebemarlene vintage EVERY DAY.
2. i get the urge to key every hummer i see parked on the street.
3. i hate how 90% of the world population eats [smacking, etc.].
4. i buy stonyfield lowfat organic strawberry yogurt almost every time i go to the grocery store.
5. i make oodles of lists every week having to do with anything and everything...and they're written on anything i can get my hands on.
6. i listen to npr every morning on the way to class.

8 Things I Want to Do before I Die:
1. traveltraveltravel.
2. readreadread.
3. lovelovelove.
4. get an amazing job.
5. write short stories.
6. see a worthy president in office.
7. learn how to dance...better.
8. have my voice magically sound AMAZING and get a record deal.

8 Songs I Could Listen to over and over:
1. holland 1945 - neutral milk hotel.
2. after hours - we are scientists.
3. intervention - arcade fire.
4. stronger - kanye west.[SHUT UP]
5. mr. pitiful - matt costa.
6. st. peter's day festival - ra ra riot.
7. at the bottom of everything - bright eyes.
8. unforgetable - nat king cole.

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends:
1. we judge others, but
2. we don't judge eachother.
3. they can turn my day around. in the right way.
4. they laugh at my jokes even if they're AWFUL.
5. they don't care if all i talk about is nylon, urban outfitters, music groups they know nothing about, or america's next top model episodes.
6. we understand eachother without making any sense.
7. they don't mind being the ones to drive everywhere.
8. hotness all around.

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Ramage, what? said...

um im gonna copy your blog now...

btw...learn how to dance better?
come on you were breakin a move at daniels b day! lol do teh peeing amy winehouse!