Thursday, April 24, 2008

oh wait

yes i can.

some guys just really need to bra those boys up.
no joke.

i think i'm going to start a campaign.

"just say no to man boobs '08"


"bra your boys up: because some men need a different kind of cup"

that one was bad.

but really.

please don't wear tight shirts when your boobs beat out the size of mine by a long shot.




Anonymous said...

Please re-read your (d) and (e)!

ohsarah said...

done and done.

(d) i forgive to a fault.
-i forgive the man-boob-ness.

(e) chances are we'll get along just fine.
-it's not like i'm telling the people i know with man boobs that they have them and should therefore get a bra.
-thus, we get along just fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, young lady.

I have had this condition all my life, I didn't ask for it, I certainly didn't want it, I had a miserable childhood because of it, including groping. There wasn't plastic surgery for it "back in the day." It wasn't until I was well in my fifties before I started wearing t-shirts.

We all have to do with what we've got; I have no doubt that as you continue to mature you'll cut people a little more slack.

Have a good life.

(I also live in Tallahassee, a few blocks from FSU, for almost forty years now.)

Anonymous said...

And lastly: if you're reading rhiannon, you should also like lauren-

I shan't bother you again.

ohsarah said...

this blog was not written to ruffle any feathers.
i'm sorry that you suffered from a miserable childhood and have a condition to cause such long-standing grief.
my blog was meant to be directed towards the general group of people i come in contact with and/or see daily who possess said man boobs due their own life decisions.
i'll be more careful in the future to specify who i am referring to.

Johanna said...

what the hell are you reading this blog for?!?!?!?!