Wednesday, April 30, 2008

arrrr, matey

ok, so i'm not usually a skull-wearing kind of girl, but thanks to lurking 10.17, now i'm pining for a skull necklace designed by alexa chung [who else?].

the great thing is, not only would you be looking super fresh by buying the necklace, but you'd also be helping small communities and independent artisans in africa via made.

come on
hearts for eyes?
how could you resist?

it's available here.
[with a matching bracelet and earrings to boot]



Ramage, what? said...

i love skulls
but these are done in a differnt way
so i love them even more...

a. said...

just noticed the shout out. hehe. thanks.

yeah, i know. im just dying for one of these. anything alexa has association with is enough for me to want it.