Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. i got an internship at a graphic design firm down in miami for july!!  hometown, here i come!

2. cgs2060 aka computer literacy aka the class from hell is dreadfully boring, and i have 5 more weeks of it.  on tuesday during "recitation," our assignment was to create a new folder under "local disk c:," then "create a masterpiece" in paint, title it "masterpiece.bmp," put it in the new folder, change the name of the "masterpiece" into "artwork.bmp," copy it into a new folder called "backup," then delete the entire backup folder.

oy to the vay. 
this is going to be a long 5-6 weeks.

3. i pretty much have my heart set on going to lollapalooza [chicago, august 1-3].
tickets are running at $190 at the moment [advance 3-day pass]...
but the hotel/hostel payments is where i'm going to get hit where it hurts [my bank account].
any suggestions?
the arlington house hostel is the most promising at this point [$79 a night for a private room with a private bath].
got any family members or friends i [and le boyfriend miles] could stay with [yes i plan on dragging him along]?

cheers or whatever they say.


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Aww Cute blog! Im from florida so I love your post on miami :) good luck on your internship! Want to exchange links?