Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the met gala in review

katie's dress is just too much...though i like how she wore a bright red-orange dress and bright blue shoes to keep within the superheroes theme of the gala.  hopefully it looks a little less plastic bag-y in person.

i'm in love with ashley's cut-out dress...and mk is just good ol' mk with her crazy hair and long frock.

i love zac posen...or should i say little boy blue?

christina ricci's givenchy dress is stunning AND reminiscent of wonder woman.  awe to the some.

that's my girl! blake lively's ralph lauren gown is my favorite from the night.
keep 'em droolin', girl.

whataya think?


1 comment:

Ramage, what? said...

I want zac posen's suit now!
chritina ricci was my favorite...
i really like anna wintour;s dress too
it was so out there and i think she pulled it off...
thatll be me and you one day...
at the gala...
being cool