Thursday, May 8, 2008

geek chic

i know, i know.
catherine holstien's fall 08 collection is awesome.
and both nylon and papermag covered her collection back in february.
but i'm still ogling her amazing, simplistic, wanna-do-the-librarian pieces.
i'm praying to the fashion gods that she takes up a "go international" yaddayadda and joins up with target because lady needs some cardigans and yellow skinnys.
[and tights. and foil-y minis. and....]

i love the look on the right...and the hot red lip!

banana legs, here i come.

auburn hair + catholic dayschool + ballerina drama queen?
whatever it is, i want it.

hand over those shoes, missy.




[photos by lianna tarantin of papermag]

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