Friday, May 9, 2008

show and tell

wear yo party on yo sleeve.

these tees just popped up on urban outfitters' website.
who doesn't love a soft, heather grey "PE tee"?
and it's a conversation/argument starter to boot.

[though $28 is a little steep for something i could do at home to my beloved tri-blend aa deep v if i was bored and feeling confident about my painting skillz...but hey, i love you, uo, so here's 28 bones not to mention s&h to mah house in ttown]

sorry the model isn't quite in that wakeywakey-eggsandbakey mode yet.
lady needs a little sleep...or just some caffeine.

maybe they'll bring in some of the other political party symbols for t's later on?


1 comment:

Ramage, what? said...

how about an
im not gonna vote for wither party shirt!
a) i wanted hillary to get the democratic nomination
b) I dont like much of McCain either...

so how about a angry matt on your sleeve for $28