Tuesday, May 13, 2008

last night's epi of gossip girl

my blood pressure went through the ROOF.
and now i'm biting my nails til next week's episode.


serena tells dan she slept with someone else to cover up for the whole "i killed someone" thing.
i almost died.

in case ya can't tell, serena's mom is gonna do it with dan's dad.
at this point i was screaming at the tv, "YES! YES! DO IT WITH THE SEXY MUSICIAN!"
poor chuck's dad.

then things got really screwy and awful again.
what came out was something like, "NONONO! DAN WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU DOING?! DAMN YOU, MICHELLE TRACHTENBURG!" [or however you spell her last name]

and this is from the preview for next week's episode.
serena's gonna cut a bitch.



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