Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oh incest

GG recap:

+ Little J -- EPIC braidedmulletsickness FAIL.
+ "He's dead." [no he's nottttttttt]
+ Nellie. You KILL me. Why, why, why?
+ Dannerz and V are totez obliv to having
A. Their entire conversation listened to and
B. Nellie McPhoneStealer. Therefore,
C. being completely RIDIC.
+ Jack Bass (sans the B) is Captain Dick and has ruined (?) Chuckerz' chances at running his father's company.
+ Blair is not to be played around with any longer [by Chuckerz, the Bitch Squad, or J. Bass for that matter]
+ Nate is here??
+ Gay brother got mad at Little J and visa versa.
+ In the end, everyone loves eachother [S + Dannerz, Lilz + Roof, Little J + Gayboy].

I can't wait til next week!!


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