Tuesday, January 6, 2009

good gravy

Did you see last night's ep of Gossip girl?
Did you?

Because I feel like I have a DRAMA/OMGWTF/GG hangover.

Last night's ep was not your average tv experience.
It was a sporting event.
It was....EPIC.

Here's the skinny:
+ Serena and Danners? Yeah. They're back together. Duh. Score for S/D. I actually think I did the arms-in-the-air touchdown move when they finally kissed. But then I had to sympathize with Blair because the renewed couple was just making me gaggy.
+ Blair is, and will always be, QUEEN B. Forget you, CC. You all wear ugly cardigans and argyle sweaters anyway. And Queen B is never seen in khakis. Good grief. When B uttered her, "I have to leave/you're all still trapped in high school" speech, I was cheering at the tv screen as if Tim Tebow had just thrown a 40-yard touchdown to Percy Harvin. Blair 1, CC, 0.
+ Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Smoking a doobie (or, ahem, hash) at school. Tsk, tsk. I wanted smack that perfect smirk off his kisser when he asked Blair, "or are you just going to tell me you love me again?" or whatever vile sentence came out of his mouth. Throw a flag, because that's some unsportsmanlike conduct right there. But...
+ Chuck Bass shall not die. Drunk and high on who knows what on the roof. Blair: I care. Extends hand, Chuck takes it, they embrace in an OMFG hug. I die.
+ "Don't tell Chuck about New Year's." WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? QUEEN B, you DID THE UNCLE? I die.
+ Little J still has a bad hair cut.
+ Lilz + Rufz: "let's go get our child." Good grief. Why don't you just make your own series about it. Ta ta.
+ I feel like Nelly Yuki's broken RIDIC blue frames. Why, Nelly? Why? Little J saves your sorry ass and you turn around and run back to your tormentors. OY TO THE VAY, lady!


pee. ess. Rufus totez got a nose job. Am I right? Who's with me?

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