Sunday, January 4, 2009

fancy meeting you here

I just picked up the latest edition of BlackBook, and I have two words for you:


James Franco graces the cover, and, other than a few typos, the article/interview with him is very well-written. Of course, any gal would love to see more photos of the (taken. TAKEN. T-A-K-E-N.) MILK star/former freak (hellooo Freaks and Geeks!), but the spread is done completely black and white and is very serious/sexy/"deep, dude"/I die.

Do you really need more of a reason to flip through the pages of this BBook?

Hmm, ok.

Two more words:
Clemence Poesy.

Try not to gape at her couture-filled photos.

Your face can stick that way, you know.



check the online version of the Franco article here.

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