Thursday, January 29, 2009


Oh hey, it's just Keira's new bangz....nbd.


Jane Birkin, anyone?

...I kinda like it.



Stephanie said...

I saw theses this morning too. She looks great. But then I feel like we would all look amazing next to Karl <3

thanks for coming by leChic and giving me the suggestions for the pumps! I love the navy skinnys idea.

Re: "The last things I would wear with shoes of that color would be grey or some kind of muddled vintage floral dress." SO FUNNY because I have a floral dress and the flowers are pink and purple but the basis of it is crushed silk of the colour of the shoes. And I always say it would suit a blond way better than me. The only reason I can pull it off is because of the hot pink flowers. Basically in general that colour (of the dress and shoes) is awful for my hair colour/skin tone combo. So i thought about that dress when I saw them and I was like I would def never wear them together! lol.

Jo said...

sooo hot

Jo said...