Thursday, September 25, 2008

tales from the tube


2. Little Miss Nutterbutterz is gone! And deserves a bitch slap for talking back to Tim. Bad Kenley!
**EDIT: sorry guys. I know Suede is gone. I got a little too excited. I guess I got it in my head that both crazies went home. Kenley's number is up next week fo sho.

3. My money is on this lovely man and Korto for the final two. Dream team, anyone?

4. Saw a commercial-y preview on tv last night. I'm so ready it's not even funny.

5. Elina is my favorite model on well as Sheena. If Clark or Anna Leigh [or whatever her name is] come anywhere close to winning i will bang my head against the wall.

tv updates? there.


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Jo said...

Kenley is still there... Suede went home. You're confusing me. I want Leann, Jerrell, and Kenley in the final 3. We differ. BOO.

Aleena is my favorite on ANTM also. But I did like Lauren Brie's picture with the hands. And thank god Hanna is gone... I could deal with her whining anymore.

Love ya gurrrrrl. -jo