Friday, September 5, 2008

help, please?

fall [ha! more like summer: the sequel here in t-town] is just beginning, but miles and i are trying to get the planning underway for our two-week trip to europe next may.

paris is an absolute, hands-down, no compromising city i want to visit, so i need some suggestions on cheap hotels/hostels, please! i pretty much have the "activities" taken care of, price-wise, etc. so far, some top cheap contenders are the modern hotel, the hotel orient, and a few of the many citea hotels. please, please, please offer your advice! what we need is a room:

1. that can fit 2 people in it, durkaDUR.
2. that is relatively clean. no creepy-crawlies in the sheets, please.
3. somewhat close to points of interest in paris or at least in a location close to the metro.
4. that is CHEAP. [we are poor. art history major + jazz studies major + lack of giant salaries = lack of money]. the highest i'd like to go is maybe, maybe $130 per night.

or maybe you know some good park benches?

*note: the whole french-english thing isn't a big deal. i've taken five years of french so having a hotel with a mcdonald's inside of it [do they do that?] isn't really necessary. you get the picture.

miles is interested in finding a good jazz festival to go to. the websites i've found are a bid hazy on the details...but one that seemed like it would fit in our time range was the international jazz-sur-vie festival. any info on that would be helpful! and if you know of any other music festivals, etc. that take place in paris or france for that matter at the beginning of may i would love to hear about them!

the cannes film festival will take place while we're in europe (more towards the tail end of our trip), so we're hoping to do that...

we hope to hit up a couple other cities [low budget means cutting out some locations] like copenhagen, london, amsterdam, madrid, and possibly rome or florence.

please, please, please let me know if you have any information on traveling to europe [paris, copenhagen, etc.] whether it's about hostels, where the best croissants are, must-see shops, train travel, or anything else you might have to offer! There's only so much i can take.

happy weekend!


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Jo said...

um are you fucking KIDDING me? You are going to come all the way to Europe and Oslo isn't even on your list of places to visit? I thought you loved me... it's a lot cheaper when you have someone to STAY with and to take CARE of you. Go ahead and add that one.

As for Paris, I have a dear friend who studies at the music conservatory there. He is here this year, but I'm sure he has friends and/or recommendations of places to stay. His name is Benjamin Alunni. Look him up under my facebook friends and send him a message.

And now I'm mad at you... not even considering Oslo...