Tuesday, September 9, 2008

real-life royalty

sorry sorry sorry.

it's another keira post.

check out these shots of her looking fierce [yes, i said it. but in a christian siriano voice] at interviews, premieres, and on set for the duchess.

[Alexis Mabille Autumn 2008 Couture]

i can't believe the press [and perez] are still squabbling about how thin she is.
are you kidding?
she looks healthy. she's always been thin. she's glowing and fresh-faced.

[sorry. i know i'll get a lot of groans for this, but as someone who has been falsely accused of being anorexic/bulimic since 6th grade, i'm tired of the bullshit. people can be skinny without being the victim of an eating disorder or coke addiction. it happens. it's called a fast metabolism. get it? got it? GOOD.]


p.s. happy tuesday!

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