Wednesday, August 20, 2008

queen for a day

tonight's ep of proj run was sort of epic.
drag queens?
i'll take it!
[come to think of it...forget the models that make me jealous each week for their cheekbonez and gift-from-jesus hair; i want to see some queens every week! -- SPOILER ALERT: i hear there's a tranny contestant on the new cycle of antm? hellz yes!]

it's chris! i really did kinda miss that laugh...

buhbye, "male gayle." [10 points to whoever guesses that reference].

still the cutest.

buhhhh. is he really still around? poor, limp-winged pterodactyl [in the gay production of jurassic park, of course -- gotta love ya, tim gunn].

not looking so bad yourself, miss thang!

say hello to the little people?


RIP [so to speak] daniel on shear genius.
i'll miss you.
[it's a rare thing when a person can be such a constant, 100% sunshineandrainbows sweetheart without me wanting to give them a good ol' smack in the face].

charlie, you better BRING DA HEAT next week.
i don't wanna see anyone else but you dancing in that shear genius confetti shower.


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Jo said...

awww thanks for writing this. No project runway in Norway. :( keep me posted each week.