Monday, August 11, 2008


isabelle mcnally, urban outfitters' new face and an aspiring actress, has been popping up left and right for the past couple months.

check out her shot from uo's latest catalog as well as a few bits from todd selby's mid-july shoot of her home:


is it just me...or does she look like she has some toned-down olsen twin genes?


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the Albino Bowler said...

I was just taking a break from my online travelers tale-in-progress and I decided to take a break and see what else is going on around Blogger. I was drawn to your page by the layout. It definitely gave me some good ideas I plan to use. Then I started reading and saw that aren't afraid to just let your thoughts flow, you are a mag and java junkie like me, and I also noticed that you are a Ben Folds fan.
I just wrote a piece about Ben with live video footage. It's called "Bogan Wonderland." Check it out on my page. I think you, like me, will be surprised my some of our retardedly similar takes on things.