Thursday, August 21, 2008

buzz buzz buzz

despite the fact that i'm finally sitting and tv-ing it up at the moment, this week has had me buzzing around like a frantic little bee getting ready for next week [class], etc.

the following have been established:
1. i'm now a gawker...gawker. i never really caught on to the whole reading the many [58 so far today] entries on, but after a few tries and the tidbit on an ira glass sighting, i'm sold. [um. poor sienna miller. i mean...i know she's supposedly dating a married man or whatever, but spray-painting SLUT on her house? OUCH.]

2. i've been watching the same episodes of gilmore girls and full house over and over.

3. almost a week left til:

[old cover/who cares/still hot]

4. my hair is bleaching itself. no joke. bits and pieces [more so at the bottom at the top which makes it even stranger] are slowly lightening themselves. should i go with it? i've been needing a change with my hair [it's still "growing"] as it are some ideas:

[two pretties captured by the cobrasnake]

[i love sjp's hair from the 2 last seasons of satc]

[note: my hair is brrrown. mousy brown. it's never been any more blond than it is now with the freakish random highlights. i had red streaks once...but that's about it. but like i said...i kinda want a big change. so any suggestions are appreciated!]

happy thursday...the week is almost over and tropical storm/hurricane/whatever fay is on her way with rain clouds. hooray.


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Jo said...

last night we had FREAKISH lightening and rain... I mean, I thought the shit was going to hit. And everyone here was just chilling, but I was pissing myself. Perhaps it was a sympathy storm for fay!