Saturday, July 12, 2008

miami, day one

this blog is evidence that i did not succumb to the death that is the (south) florida turnpike. [note to self: red bull makes it aaaaaaall better]

today i traveled with my aunt and uncle to west palm beach for the current exhibit at the norton, and holllllly moley. look what they have there. permanently:

yes. that is a custom chihuly piece contained in the ceiling. it's made up of almost 700 individual glass sculptures.

are you drooling yet?


on the way back from wpb we stopped at ikea.

maybe you've been in an ikea store. i had heard that they were big, but this was a beyond massive building. i've never seen so many things crammed together. but it was magical. too bad my shopping add kicked in causing me too get so excited and overwhelmed that i neglected to buy anything.

thankfully my spending habits will be suppressed once i head back to tallahassee due to the fact that the closest ikea is either in atlanta or orlando. woopdeedoo.


one word: sephora.

i have that "kid in a candy store" moment every time i walk into sephora.

tallahassee offers no beauty essential relief unless it comes in the form of the usual department store yaddayadda and lipsmackers/covergirl/nyc brand crap at walgreens.

sephora is by far my makeup mecca.

if my bank account would allow me, i'm sure i would shell out another $100 before i leave miami in two weeks.

thank goodness for being broke?


hope you're having a great weekend!


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elizabeth said...

i love the chihuly! that's amaze. my parents have a house in west palm, i need to go see that the next time i go down...