Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"do i think it's pretty? NO."

hoooooooley moley.
project runway. season five.

here are some of my favorites after tonight's premiere:

1. emily:
her hair is so cute, as are her clothes, and i love the balloon/ball dress she made for the first challenge.

2. leanne:
do you see this girl? she's precious! i want to rade her wardrobe.

3.jennifer's creations are amazing. her papertowel ruffle dress from the first challenge would be in my closet in a heartbeat [impractical or not]. her pieces look like they've been pulled straight off the luella runway.

4. jerell:
can we be best friends forever aeaeaeaeaeae?

5. kenley:
um. cute everything. including her challenge dress. and she's a florida state grad!

ohhhh michael kors. michael, michael, michael.
put that little orange nutter [blane] in his place.
"do i think it's pretty? NO."
and i think heidi chimed in with this one: "playboy bunny gone grundge."
and of COURSE bonkers mcgee, lover of my life, austin scarlett notes, "when i saw the dress i wrote HIDEOUS on my card."

ahahahaha. sorry, blane. you and your "girlicious"-trying-to-start-another-catch-phrase-like-christian's-"fierce" days are numbered.

keep watch for a post on tonight's shear genius episode!


p.s. this diane von furstenberg amex commercial that shows every break between shows gives me goosebumps every time i watch it. sad? maybe. but i love me some dvf.

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