Wednesday, July 16, 2008


here are the dresses by my favorites of season 5 of project runway thus far:
[see previous blog below]

1. by emily:

items of use: vinyl ball material, balloons, etc.

2. by leanne:

items of use: tablecloth, cookies, candies, etc.

3. by jennifer:

item of use: papertowels.

4. by jerell:

items of use: lawn chair fabric, vinyl ball material. i think?

5. by kenley:

items of use: vinyl ball material, etc.?

and some candids, courtesy of

make it work! make it work!

so kiss already!

i love her.

oh, heidi.


pee. ess.: oh. em. gee.
i just saw the guest judge for next week's episode and peed my pants because apparently bravo is giving away the judge info in advance now?
ahhhhh go look at it.
i'm too nice to be a spoiler.

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