Tuesday, June 24, 2008


my obsessions for the past week:


this cute little bow-brazened bageroo is on sale at urbanoutfitters.com for $29.99, and it's calling my [very, very broke] name. luckily my bank account and my vegetarian/animal rights morals are telling me to just say no to this little bundle of leathery goodness.

did i mention it has a bow?


i'm dreaming of cooler weather constantly...and this double-breasted cardigan from aa is putting me over the edge. i love the paprika/sand button combo online!


this is a hair idea i pulled from modern bride...but i love the look of a hot mess pony. maybe by some miracle i can force my hair into this style once my hair gets long enough.


cornichons. these babies are ah-may-zing. basically they're little french super-sour pickles. the brand i buy crams them in all the way to the top so there's never a pickle juice surplus [much to the dismay of my roommate who loves to drink the juice - blech!].


i pounce on postsecret every sunday morning, and i'm always wishing and hoping there might be a surprise posting during the week. fortunately the archives are always interesting to look at!

hope you're having a great week!


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