Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ink on the brain

i've been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for a few years now, and since i'm rock-bottom broke at the moment it's perfect timing for brainstorming.

i'm hardly ever spontaneous when it comes to big decisions [except for getting my nose pierced for my birthday last year], so i have a few ideas in mind.

eventually i want to have two, or possibly one combined, tattoo to symbolize my parents.

mom ideas: heart [cliche, but then again her birthday is on valentine's day so i've been buying her heart-themed gifts for years], hummingbird [her favorite bird], or a flower of some sort [i'm a sucker for those traditional rose tattoos when they look classy and the coloring is done right].

my dad is much harder to symbolize.

so far my only idea is to get an ant [my dad got his doctorate in bug science and he and his best friend have a thing for digging around in ant piles].

perhaps i could tie it all together somehow? an ant crawling on a rose...and then a completely separate heart somewhere else?

location-wise i'm thinking ribs on my right side, right hip, wrist, or on my left side a bit down from my collarbone.

the size would probably be moderate [medium?] to small.

any suggestions would be appreciated!

here are some photos via flickr that brought out some inspiration:

i love the simplicity and the key motif.

1. she's gorgeous.
2. the placement is perfect.

i like how the designs are outline-y.

i'm not very into skulls, but this tattoo is cute and a great size.

i like the design of these roses, but i would want to bring out more yellow and make the edges softer.

any thoughts?


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