Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the hills are alive

...with the sound of sniffles and getting clocked in the chinny chin chin.

A summary of last night's episodes in pictures:

1.  woohoo tequila

2. ol' crazy eyes

3. omg Spencer hahaha lol

4. the prettiest face made all night

5. say what?

6. cryfest '09.

Good gravy.

All in all,
Spencer is still a dick.
Stacie (the bartender who is a walking advertising campaign for AA tri-blend tanks) plays both sides of the argument:
"Good luck with THAT,"/"...no crazy girlfriends." Congrats on your wee little slice of fame, tequila queen.
I mean, you would dance on the bar if "Pour Some Sugar on Me" played? Are you serious?
And everyone else is still the same.

Check out The Cut's recap here.


1 comment:

Jo said...

lol. that recap made me die a little.