Wednesday, February 25, 2009

keep on, carry on


I need feedback!

Miles and I are headed to London and Paris for two weeks in May.
I saw this bag online at UO and fell in love.
Would it be (too) crazy for me to try to cram two weeks-worth of clothes, shoes, etc. into it?
It's 16 inches in length and relatively deep.

I've been to Cuba twice, where the bag weight limit is 20 pounds, so I'm a seasoned light packer.

Thoughts, suggestions?

[plus, I can always put my "extra" stuff in Miles' bag!]



natasha said...

toooo small! you'll probably buy stuff while you're there so you need to make sure you can bring it back

ohsarah said...

oooh good point!
i hadn't thought about that at all!

deedoubleyou said...

hey. thanks so much for the comment:) to be honest i think im just wearing chap stick in those pictures..i own a couple lipsticks and theyre really sheer and i always forget about them. BUT there is a chance (in the last pic) that i have on maybeline moisture something lipshiz in nude blush?? ha i think thats what its called. im supper bad with makeup stuff. but i am trying to get better hense attempting to wear lipstick.
ALSO-i went to europe this past september for three weeks. id say pack as light as possible!!!yes you might need more room cause hopefully youll find amazing stuff to buy but id say just buy a new bag too if thats the case :) and check the weather. i brought too many summer clothes and not enough warm clothes when i went. hah sorry for the novel just thought id share :) good luck

Jo said...

well what's wrong with having this as your carry on and another back-pack kind of bag for your checked luggage? It doesn't cost anything to check one bag on an international flight, so just be comfortable. You are only going to two cities, so it won't be too inconvenient.